Low Force Chiropractic

What Does Low Force Chiropractic Mean?

There are no ‘snaps, crackles or pops’ in our office! Our chiropractors use only the lowest force techniques for adjusting. This manner of adjusting is extremely gentle on the client and the effects are very long lasting. Specific low force adjusting instruments are used during each session. The chiropractors use the philosophy that you always start adjusting by using the least amount of force possible and only increasing the force if absolutely necessary. This is due to the fact that you can always add more force on a second adjustment but you can never take away the force once it has been applied.
Another method that the chiropractors use to reduce the amount of force necessary to provide a effective adjustment is percussion of the surrounding muscles. This is accomplished by using a variable speed percussor whose intensity can be varied to ensure the client’s comfort.

Once the muscles are relaxed, the chiropractor has the greatest opportunity to assess the area and determine the most appropriate direction, force and method of adjustment.

Our chiropractors frequently use the low level laser after the adjustment to reduce any localized inflammation and speed healing. For more information on the healing effects of low level laser please check out our laser section.

As a primary care practitioner, your chiropractor will look for issues with the spine but also complete a thorough health history. With a complete health picture, it is easier to determine the best treatment plan. With our extensive referral network we will always be able to provide options and ideas for optimal care.

While some clients choose to continue care with regular monthly visits, we also welcome clients who have pain relief as their immediate and primary reason for seeking care. Your care plan is always based upon your treatment needs and goals.

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