Chiropractic Testimonials

My first experience with chiropractic therapy was  many years ago.  To put it mildly, it was fairly disconcerting.  After  the first time the doctor cracked my neck, I never went back.  A few  years ago, I seriously injured my back while running to catch a bus and  slipping on the snow-covered sidewalk.  About a year later, I had  another accident which aggravated the same injury.  On both of these  occasions, I did my best to recover on my own, with some massage  therapy.  It took several months to feel anywhere near back to normal  in both circumstances.  Although the massage therapy did help, I just  wasn’t healing very fast.

When I aggravated the same injury again earlier this year, a  pharmacist that I trust, recommended that I reconsider going to see a  chiropractor.   I found Preston Family Chiropractic on the internet and  was immediately impressed by their website which was informative and  well designed.

After seeing Dr. Dan for the first time, I felt completely  comfortable and had absolutely no fear of receiving treatment.   Although it took several visits over 10 days, Dr. Dan was able to get  me back on my feet after being off work for a week.  I went from being  completely unable to move to feeling good enough to get back to the  majority of my activities.  What took months on my own took less than  two weeks with Dr. Dan’s treatment.  To me, this was a chiropractic  miracle and it had me convinced me that ongoing treatment would help  prevent further complications.  I’ve been seeing Dr. Dan for a few  months now and I haven’t had any serious problems since.  Although I do  not have coverage for this type of treatment, the value in receiving  ongoing treatment is readily recognizable.

Everyone at Preston Family Chiropractic is very professional and  friendly, and the office itself is warm and inviting.  I am one very,  happy customer and would not hesitate to recommend any of their  services.

Derek (2009)

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