Cold Laser Therapy

With our busy lifestyles today, none of us can afford the down time often required to heal certain injuries. Anything that will speed up the healing process is welcomed and well worth it.  This is exactly what laser therapy allows for.

Unlike a hot or medical laser (used for surgeries), the cold laser was designed solely for healing. The laser stimulates the area of injury at a cellular level, helping your cells to function more effectively, thus speeding up the healing process and allowing for a faster  return to normal function.

This treatment can be used on a variety of injuries such as cuts, scrapes, burns and scars. It is  a great healing and pain relief tool for muscle sprains, arthritis,  joint pains and other common injuries.

Laser therapy can be utilized by our chiropractors as part of a regular chiropractic visit but it is also a great stand alone therapy.  Laser treatments are painless and take only a few minutes to complete.

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