Active Release Technique®

Active Release Technique (ART®) is an exceptional soft tissue management system that was developed by Dr. Mike Leahy, DC.  Over the last 20 years Dr. Leahy has been constantly evolving and improving the many protocols that have been designed to specifically treat each and every muscle, tissue and joint in the body.

ART® uses active movement of a muscle or tissue in a specific direction while simultaneously applying tension along the long axis of that tissue.  This helps to rapidly improve the function, health and vitality of that specific muscle or tissue.

Dr. Dan Ricetto is a full body certified Active Release Technique® provider.  Both he and his clients appreciate the straight forward protocols and their effectiveness as a tool for diagnosing and treating hundreds of different types of muscular and joint dysfunctions.

Certified Active Release Technique® practitioners receive excellent training in manual therapy.  Those who are committed to their practice excel at diagnosing the specific soft tissue problems and are able to apply an effective treatment all in the same visit.

ART® is practiced by many different practitioners such as Medical doctors, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Registered Massage Therapists.  These highly skilled practitioners continue to help thousands of the highest level athletes in the world.

Common Symptoms relieved by Active Release Technique:

If you have a symptom that you feel may benefit from ART® contact us with any questions you may have or to book an appointment with our ART® doctor today!.

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