Shoulder Pain

Shoulder MusclesShoulder pain is very common symptom that can be caused by trauma or overuse.  It is mainly caused by poor posture that allows the shoulder complex to round forward and down.  This forward migration of the shoulder causes irritation to the rotator cuff muscles as well as restricting their movement.  The normal movement of the shoulder muscles is very well coordinated balance of certain muscles stabilizing the  scapula ( shoulder blade) and others moving the humerus (upper arm bone).

Many of the instances of shoulder pain or discomfort are from the tightening of individual rotator cuff muscles.  Each muscles has a specific job to do and when one of them has increased tension it can cause irritation to the entire shoulder complex.

For example the most crucial rotator cuff muscle is the subscapularis.  This action of this muscle is to stabilize the scapula and to pull the humerus down deeper into the shoulder socket.  This downward movement allows the humerus to rotate under the acromion process (bony roof of the shoulder joint).  Thus, any irritation to the subscapular muscle will result in impingement of the supraspinatus tendon.

Proper treatment of the shoulder will involve a manual exam of the tissues as they go through their normal ranges of motion.  This exam will usually identify the restriction and illustrate what tissues need to be treated.

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